While browsing the Internet, I found this post on VG Retro Blog. It shows a cartoon TV show with many classic arcade video games characters on it. Here’s the video (Saturday Supercade’s opening sequence):

Saturday Supercade was first aired on 1983 and was produced for 2 years. The main characters of the show were many of the best arcade characters from those years. This opening sequence is from the first season, as you can see the show main characters were Frogger, Donkey Kong, Mario, Pitfall Harry, Q-Bert and Donkey Kong JR. Notice that today’s most recognizable video game character, Mario, was just kind of a “secondary” character back then (he was treated just like Donkey Kong’s enemy, which was the main character).

For the second season Frogger, Donkey Kong JR. and Pitfall! segments were removed from the show and replaced by new characters from “Space Ace” and “Kangaroo”.

This show was never republished on DVD, VHS, or any other format (probably due to licensing issues… so many characters from so many video games companies…). It was never re-showed on TV either after its original broadcasting (only “Space Ace” segments were showed on Boomerang from time to time).

And you are probably asking “Why aren’t Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man in the show?”. The answer is very simple: because they had their own cartoon (Pac-Man was always ahead of any other arcade character from that era… hehe…). Here’s a video of Pac-Man’s cartoon intro (maybe you remember it):

Ah, those were the days… hope today’s cartoons were as good as these… 😉

Well, hope you enjoyed it. If you have more info about retro-video gaming cartoons feel free to coment it!

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